This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.

I really hope that you may find GGF useful.

This is my first open source project and I look forward to learning from everyone as GGF evolves.


2009-12-15 : There are many things I would like to do with GGF, such as:
  • support more API functionality (methods, filters, etc.)
  • support more response formats
  • more utility classes to parse different response formats
  • GUI driver application
  • reduce coupling in a couple of places (especially with enumerations)
  • add Debug statements to XML helper class
  • other minor bugs

I did spend a lot of time using C#'s XML commenting facilities in the code for the purpose of providing a CHM help file. Hopefully it is not needlessly obtuse and will be of some assistance! Details on Documentation page. Download from Downloads page.

Project Description
GGF is a set of classes built to help you work with the REST-based gubb API( gubb is a list management site.

GGF helps your .NET apps interface with the gubb API. Authentication can be done via HTTP Basic authentication or an API key. GGF provides you with the
abstractions to create an in-memory representation of your data, created from your TXT/XML/JSON/HTML file.

The three core GGF DLL files are:
  • API.dll - core abstractions
  • REST.dll - communications via REST (HTTP)
  • Utility.dll - stream parsing and object creation

The help file fully describes the accessible portions of the framework apportioned to all assemblies.

Files are available on Download page. I also included a non-commented console driver app to illustrate usage.

If you feel inclined to help, please do so in whatever capacity you can!

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